The Best & Worst Things About Being a Dog Mom

In honor of Minnie Pearl’s Happy Gotcha Day!

My sweet Minnie Pearl came into my life just 2 years ago, and I definitely could not picture life without her now. Yesterday we celebrated by spending some time at the dog park and getting some extra treats! This girl is affectionate, sweet, and entertaining beyond belief. Although she has the ability to drive me completely insane (chewing books, eating garbage, rolling in poo), I wouldn’t change a thing about bringing this little love bug into my life… even if I will never again leave the house without being covered in dog fur!

Worst Thing #1 – FUR Everywhere…. EVERYWHERE

One thing about bringing this little fur ball into my life is that I now have to vacuum about every other day to avoid my whole apartment being covered in a thick layer of fur, and my car… well that’s a lost cause. I rarely leave the house without fur on my clothes and my go to uniform of black on black is certainly much less chic these days. My car has black cloth interior that is like Velcro for her fur, not to mention the muddy paws all over the back seat on the way home from the dog park. I even tried using one of those seat covers, but she enjoys burrowing and has figured out how to crawl under it (pointless). Cleaning 24/7 has become my life.

Best Thing #1 – I’m More Active

Minnie keeps me very active. If we don’t get our normal amounts of exercise in, there’s no telling what I might come home to after a long work day. We go for our regular walks around the neighborhood, but we also take lots of hiking trips and trips to the park. I feel like she’s my little 4-legged accountability partner. The added exercise keeps me healthier and much happier. I am also much more adventurous with her by my side.

Worst Thing #2 – Having An Audience at Dinner

That beagle nose is a powerful thing! And those ears can hear a bag of chips opening from a mile away. I can’t even remember the last meal I ate without big brown puppy eyes staring sadly up at me. Now this is cute at first, but quickly gets old, especially when I have guests over – I am well aware that my inability to discipline her probably plays a role in this, but she’s too cute to get mad at.

Best Thing #2 – She Makes My House a Home

When I first moved to Louisville a little over two years ago I had very few friends. Although I think being forced to do things on my own was good for me and played a role in growing my confidence, Louisville didn’t really feel like home. I struggled with homesickness, which was made worse by the anxiety and depression I have always struggled with a bit. After months of thinking about it, I finally saw a little 1 year old dog on the Humane Society’s website that I just had to have. I went and got her that day  and never looked back. Having a dog greet you at the door every day with her tail wagging and a toy in her mouth brings a smile to my face even on the worst days. She definitely makes my house a home.

Worst Thing #3 – People Won’t Understand

People will not understand your relationship with your dog, especially if they don’t have one. Minnie depends on me for everything and sometimes I have to make sure I am home by a certain time to feed her, take her for a walk and spend time with her. Minnie’s day revolves around me and when I leave her home alone for too long, I feel guilty. Other’s won’t understand this responsibility. She is a very affectionate girl and she likes to be right next to me most of the time, which means she likes to be on the couch and in bed with me. This is great for me because it makes me happy, but not everyone will enjoy this in the same way you do either.

Best Thing #3 – Comfort

Although my anxiety and depression is managed really well these days, occasionally I am just off. I will have days where I feel sad, and unmotivated for basically no reason at all. My dog gives me love without judgement, which is sometimes all you need. This doggo will lay by my side on my bad days, but she won’t let me be anxious or sad for too long. Her playful antics and snuggles always brighten my day. The comfort she gives is unbelievably therapeutic for me.

I realize that I probably sound like a crazy dog lady (mostly because I am), but this dog has brought so much joy into my life over the last two years. The laughter and love she has provided is worth more than anything. She has already supported me through some pretty tough times and I would recommend anyone craving companionship get a rescue dog. If you live in the Louisville Area and are interested in rescuing an animal, I highly recommend the Kentucky Humane Society (it’s where I found Miss Minnie).



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